Face Shields & Visors

If you work in a highly hazardous environment, then you’ll understand that protecting your face is an incredibly important part of your working day. Our range of face shields & visors is designed to keep your face safely covered and away from potential hazards and dangers, preventing serious injuries in the workplace.

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Whether you work with corrosive chemicals, sharp tools and machinery, irritating materials or products, or even with non-hazardous materials or liquids. A face shield or visor is a simple and easy way to protect your face from harm, or injuries or even just prevent cross-contamination. 

Not only is the skin on your face delicate and often sensitive, but many of your vital senses also operate from your face – your sense of smell, your sight, and of course your hearing. This is what makes your face such a vulnerable area, and one that desperately needs protection when working in dangerous environments. 

Our face shields are designed to sit comfortably on the wearer’s head, with an adjustable headband that sits above your ears. You can adjust the fit to suit the size of your head as well as your preferred comfort level. The shield itself is made from a hard-wearing, durable plastic that is designed to withstand splashes or spills, as well as small flying fragments, particles or dust. 

Invest in a protective face shield or visor for your employees today to help them take care of their own health and safety while they work. If you’re stocking up for your team, you’ll be able to take advantage of our incredible bulk buy discounts – helping you stay safe.