Garden Hose Pipes & Reels

Transporting water around your garden, land or grounds can be tough work – especially if your space is on the larger side. Investing in quality garden hose pipes is absolutely essential for anyone maintaining a garden, whether for work or in their spare time. Perfect for ensuring your plants and grass are looked after during the hotter weather.

Our quality garden hose pipes are perfect for both residential or professional use, with a selection of pipe lengths available ranging all the way up to a mighty 200 feet, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently transport water to wherever you might need it.

At Pronto Direct we stock a wide selection of products, including expandable flexible hoses, to garden hose reels – a convenient way to easily store your hose. Designed to help keep your hose easily accessible, these portable trolleys are lightweight and easy to use.

Not only will our garden hoses help you look after your plants, but they’re also handy for a wide range of tools around the home. From washing your car to cleaning your windows – or even hosing down your dog in the hot weather!

Discover our range of products below and benefit from our free delivery on all UK orders over £50 when you shop with Pronto Direct.