Garden Incinerators & Composters

If you’re an avid gardener and need a way to dispose of waste, then a garden incinerator or composter is a must-have for your home garden

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Showing all 2 results

Garden incinerators are ideal for when you have garden waste that can not be of any use. They provide a safe and controlled way to burn waste, and are simple to use. Our garden incinerators are made of galvanised metal, with great durability to help them last you for years to come. Easy to assemble with riveted handles, our garden incinerators have air holes on both the sides and the bottom to accelerate the burning of garden waste. The removable lids, with a handle attached for safety, and chimney help to control ash and smoke when burning. We have different sizes of garden incinerators available to suit your needs.

Having a garden composter is a great way to reuse waste to help your garden thrive. Garden composters retain warmth and moisture, which aids with breaking down waste and helping it to compost faster. There are a variety of things you can put in a garden composter, such as plant cuttings, weeds, old flowers, grass, fruit and vegetables, and much more! As well as being resourceful, composting at home offers many benefits. Compost can improve the quality of the soil you use to plant, as it adds organic matter. Using compost from your garden composter also helps soil to retain moisture and beneficial nutrients, attracts good organisms to your garden, and reduces soil erosion. Your plants will thank you!

Both garden incinerators and garden composters offer great benefits, and will help elevate your gardening experience. Browse our range and experience the benefits for yourself!