Hammers & Mallets

Everyone needs hammers and mallets in their toolbox, both at home and for work. They’re an essential piece of equipment for a multitude of different tasks. Our hammers are top heavy to give you increased leverage when using them, perfect for securing tent posts, hammering brick walls, or short fence posts. The rubber wrapped handle will provide comfort when holding, aid your grip and help to reduce vibrations.

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But what is the difference between a hammer and a mallet?

Hammers are more commonly designed with a hard compound such as steel, making them ideal for hitting and driving nails through different materials such as wood and plastic. Some hammers feature two different kinds of heads – one that can be used for hitting and another that can be used for removing nails.

Mallets are also used for hitting objects, although they are usually manufactured using wood or rubber. As they are made using softer materials, they are best to use when you’re wanted to apply less force. Mallets allow you to strike nails or other objects more gently, preventing dents in the surface you are working on. Mallets can be great for shaping materials such as metal, or tapping tiles or other flooring into position, as they won’t leave any damage.

Whilst hammers and mallets are common tools that are found in most toolboxes, there is a variety of both that help cater to different needs. They can be different weights to help provide the right level of impact, different materials, and different head shapes. When choosing a hammer or mallet for a project, it’s important to take these things into consideration.