Hex & Allen Keys

Arguably the most versatile hand tool you can have in your kit are Allen keys. These small tools are essential in the assembling and disassembling of furniture, machinery and anything held together by bolts or screws with hexagonal heads.

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Also known as hex keys, these versatile tools are used in a wide range of trades as well as being an essential tool for any homeowner building flatpack furniture! As you can see, their uses are incredibly varied for such a small piece of equipment.

We believe every homeowner should have at least one set of hex keys in their toolbox, these highly affordable but efficient hand tools will come in handy when you’re moving home, or even just redecorating or furnishing a room. 

Our Allen key sets come in a selection of sizes, designed to offer you a range of keys suitable for different sized bolts or screws. Browse our hex keys and get your hands on a set today.