Ice Packs & Heating Pads

When injuries, including sprains and abrasions, occur often the first line of care is to apply either heat or cold therapy to the affected area. This is why it’s a great idea to keep a selection of ice packs or heating pads in your first aid kit so that you have them conveniently on hand in case of injury. 

Applying ice to a muscle strain can not only soothe the pain immediately providing pain relief and reducing bruising but it’s also proven to help shrink any inflammation which can start the healing process faster. Our instant relief ice packs are easy to store and use, they do not require freezing which makes them so convenient and ideal for your first aid kit. 

When it comes to administering pain relief, our self-heating pads provide instant comfort. Ideal for relief of aches, pains and joint stiffness after injury, they are proven to help speed up recovery time. They can also help keep the body warm if you have limited mobility after a severe injury.

Compact and convenient, our ice packs & heating pads will fit in most first aid kits. Keep them in your home, the workplace, and even in your car. Purchase yours today and be prepared when injury or muscle strain strikes.