Machine Pallet Wrap

Secure your pallets when in transit with our machine pallet wrap. An essential for a multitude of different industries, our machine pallet wrap and machine shrink wrap are compatible for use on semi-automatic and fully automatic wrapping machines.

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Showing all 2 results

Pallet wrap is a type of plastic film that is easily stretched by hand or a wrapping machine around a pallet to secure items for transportation. Our machine pallet wrap is extremely strong and durable, made using high performance film that has been tried and tested for quality purposes. Whether you work within construction, warehousing, a factory, or shipping, our machine shrink wrap is ideal for wrapping pallets and packaging to prevent items from moving or falling and being damaged in transit.

We know that weather can be unpredictable, which is why our machine pallet wrap comes in handy when transferring items via pallets. Our strong pallet wrap is water resistant, protecting items from any water damage during the journey to their destination. Stock up on high performance machine pallet wrap to secure and protect items when in transit, with resistance to punctures and tears. What’s more, our machine shrink wrap is made using 20mu of recycled materials.

When you own a business, delivering great quality and service is always a top priority, which means keeping items and products safe during any necessary transportation. Rid yourself of the worry about costly damages or broken items by wrapping your pallets with a quality machine pallet wrap – stock up on pallet wrap for your business today.