Packing Supplies

Whether you’re an online fulfilment centre or you’re just selling your entire wardrobe or stamp collection on social media, we’ve got everything you could possibly need to properly package your items right here. From parcel tape and pallet wrap (including machine pallet wrap) to mailing bags in every size under the sun, our packing supplies are designed to make your life easier.

Making small changes to your picking and packing line can have a surprisingly positive effect on your business – it can even improve your bottom line. Ensuring you’re using efficient packaging items which require minimal effort from your packing team, is just one way to speed up the process. You’ll find our self-sealing plastic shipping bags, available in packs of 50, will make packing orders a breeze. They’re made from a recycled plastic too, so you don’t have to feel bad about your carbon footprint!

If you’re sending bigger items in boxes, then you’ll need all the parcel tape you can get your hands on. We sell extra long rolls – 150 metres of the stuff – so you’ll find one roll will last much longer than expected, and require less replacing. We also stock fragile tape, to help ensure that your delicate or fragile items are received in the same condition they were sent in, after all we understand how important it is to keep your customers happy. If you’re looking to save time, don’t forget a tape dispenser too!

Many of our packing supplies are also designed to help you make more sustainable choices. Not only are our mailing bags made from recycled materials, but we also stock Kraft paper tape – an incredible sustainable alternative to traditional parcel tape.

All of our packing supplies are sourced from reputable UK based suppliers, and are manufactured to the highest quality. You’ll find items from trusted brands including Stikky Tape and Big Tape.