Paper Clips

Discover office essentials at Pronto Direct including metal paper clips – an office necessity helping you keep your paperwork, important files and research documents organised and in order.

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Showing the single result

We understand how important organisation is, particularly in a work setting, and it’s small items of stationery such as our paper clips that can actually make a huge difference in the overall organisation and running of any business.

You’ll discover a range of sizes including mini, small, large and even giant – available in either metal or plastic, as well as in a wide selection of colours to help you keep your office documents colour coded. Lightweight and reusable, our paperclips are ideal for use in school, at home or in the office.

Shop our full range of stationery today, from basics such as pens and pencils, to notebooks, staplers, highlights, glue and so much more. You can stock up your stationery cupboard today and make big savings when you take advantage of our bulk buy discounts. Enjoy free UK delivery on all orders over £50.