Pipe & Tube Cutters

An essential tool for any plumber, pipe cutters are designed to make light work of cutting through household or industrial pipes or tubes. These clever hand tools ensure a clean cut through any pipe or tube, ensuring your job is completed to a high standard, always.

Not only are they a neat way of cutting, but you’ll also find them a lot quicker and more efficient to use than a hacksaw – save yourself time and effort and invest in a professional cutter today. 

At Pronto Direct, our range includes copper pipe cutters, as well as plastic and multi-material cutters. Whilst these cutters are designed to cut through a wide range of materials, we recommend checking each individual product’s specifications before purchase. 

These plumbing tools are popular with professionals, but can also be handy for any DIY lovers. Though if you’ve never used a tube cutter before, we’d recommend watching a Youtube tutorial before you get stuck in.

Shop from our range of tube & pipe cutters today.