Personal Protective Equipment covers a range of safety wear items which are designed to be worn while coming into close contact with potential hazards. Our PPE range covers a selection of items including, but not limited to face masks, respirators, eye & ear protection, hard hats and safety helmets, knee protection and more.

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Showing 1–16 of 23 results

PPE is a legal requirement which needs to be worn in specific workplaces. All employers have a legal duty of care for their staff. This includes providing personal protective equipment free of charge when there is a workplace hazard which cannot otherwise be avoided.

Protecting your head, especially when working on a construction site or in a busy warehouse, is one of the most important steps you can take in wearing PPE. Head injuries can be fatal or life-changing, so investing in a quality hard hat is essential. For working environments where the risk of falling objects is much smaller, and you’re more worried about knocking or bumping your head, then we’d recommend a bump cap. Designed to look like a classic baseball cap, but with the added benefit of protecting you from scratches, cuts and bumps, they’re a no-brainer. Undecided on which is most suitable for protecting your head? Our ultimate guide to bump caps vs hard hats will help you decide.

It’s also important to wear PPE around the home when carrying out any DIY tasks that might increase your risk to injury. Any DIY task can increase your risk of accident – after all, there’s a good reason we usually call in a professional! So find out which must have PPE for DIY we recommend on our blog.

All of our personal protective equipment is designed to meet the highest safety standards, so you can rest assured that you or your staff will be protected on the job. Find information on specific safety requirements and conformities on our individual product pages. If you have any questions or would like advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. Email us at [email protected].