PU Coated Gloves

Ideal for if you’re needing an extra level of grip, PU Coated Gloves are a great choice for professionals who work with their hands often. PU-Coated Work Gloves provide workers with a layer of protection against injuries at work.

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Showing all 5 results

Although they have excellent grip quality and protection, PU Coated Gloves are not heavyweight or bulky, making them comfortable to wear throughout the work day and allowing a full range of movement. Looking for gloves that are tough, with qualities such as tear and abrasion resistance? PU-Coated Work Gloves are the ones for you!

Being lightweight and flexible to wear, PU Coated Gloves are ideal for precision work. These gloves make the perfect piece of kit for those that work in car manufacturing, general handling, shipping, and transportation. They are also popular with electricians.

Polyurethane is a stretchy material, which is why PU Work Gloves are perfect for jobs that require protection for your hands whilst handling work that requires flexibility and range of movement. The thinness of the material protects your hands whilst allowing you to handle detailed jobs. PU Coated Gloves provide a barrier between your hands and any hazards that you may come across at work, such as sharp objects or chemicals.

We have a wide range of PU-Coated Work Gloves, so you are guaranteed to find a pair that suit your needs. From additional cut resistance to touch sensitive fingertips that allow you to use a touch screen device without taking off your gloves, PU Coated Gloves are great for numerous jobs and tasks for both professional and personal use.