PVC Gloves

Looking to keep your hands covered and dry while you work? Then look no further than our selection of PVC gloves at Pronto Direct. Durable, long-lasting and of course waterproof, these versatile work gloves are ideal for use while carrying out a wide range of tasks.

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Showing all 9 results

PVC – otherwise known as polyvinyl chloride – is an incredibly durable and long-lasting plastic, making it the ideal coating for protective work gloves. Our PVC dipped gloves offer protection from several substances, namely water, oil, chemicals and grease. A naturally flexible material, the thermoplastic doesn’t restrict movement or dexterity for the wearer.

You’ll find a variety of gloves in our range, including single dipped PVC gloves, double dipped, part coated and fully coated. Single dipped offer fair resistance to chemicals, as well as oil & grease. Double dipped gloves offer an increased level of protection, but also offer a great deal of protection from punctures and abrasion.

Popular for use in a number of industries including warehouses, transport, gardening, janitorial work and even in laboratories, you’ll find these versatile gloves incredibly handy. Shop the range today and enjoy FREE UK delivery when you spend over £50 at Pronto Direct.