Sockets & Socket Sets

Our socket sets are one of the most versatile hand tools you can add to your toolkit. Whether you’re investing in tools for your trade, or are simply looking to polish up on your DIY skills, you can’t go wrong investing in sockets.

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Showing all 2 results

Perfect for various projects, sockets will help you join or unfasten fiddly components on furniture, machinery and various other items – either around the household or workplace – by easily and efficiently removing the nuts and bolts used to tighten and fix them. 

If you’re going to be working on various projects, then we’d recommend investing in one of our socket sets, which will provide you with an incredibly wide range of socket sizes. Due to the various sizes of nuts and bolts available on the market, it’s a good idea to have a vast selection of sockets in your toolkit.

Otherwise known as ratchet sets, these small but mighty tools are incredibly popular with mechanics, not only are they easy to use in confined spaces, but they also allow bolts to be tightened or loosened quickly and safely.

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