Trucker Gloves

Keep your hands comfortable and protected whilst you drive with a quality pair of our trucker gloves from Pronto Direct. Our truck driver gloves are guaranteed to help with hand fatigue when keeping your hands on a wheel for long hours at a time, whilst also protecting them when loading and unloading your vehicle. 

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Showing all 4 results

Our trucker gloves have a variety of different features that will benefit you when out on the road. If you’re often out and about driving in different weather conditions, then our thermal gloves for truck drivers are a must-have item of clothing for when you’re working, as they’re guaranteed to keep your hands warm and comfortable. Our gloves are resistant against the cold and water, so you can stay toasty during chilly, rainy days.

If your job involves you carrying out a lot of manual handling, or packing, such as driving a moving truck, then you could be at risk to cuts and abrasions when moving objects or packing boxes. Our gloves are cut and abrasion resistant to help reduce the risk of having an injury at work and protect your hands at all times. Whether you are driving or handling objects, you require good grip, which our gloves are guaranteed to provide to help make your job easier. 

Driving a truck for long periods of time can cause fatigue in your hands. Our gloves are comfortable and will help to reduce the feel of vibrations when you’re at the wheel, lessening the risk of hand fatigue when you are working.