Tyre Levers

Looking to change a tyre on your own vehicle? Whether it’s a car, van, bike, scooter or trailer, you’ll need one of our tyre levers to help you finish the job. These durable tools are essential in the process of mounting and dismounting a tyre and are essential for anyone who is happy to get their hands dirty and get stuck in maintaining their own vehicle.

An absolute must-have tool for any vehicle owner, the tyre lever might be a simple looking bit of equipment but it’s an absolutely crucial piece of kit for any tyre with a puncture or tear. You’ll need to use a tyre lever to help you dismount the tyre, by placing the lever underneath the beading.

Not just a mechanics tool, we’d recommend you keep a lever in the boot of your car or van, and a spare in your garage too! Browse our selection of tyre levers at Pronto Direct today and be prepared for whatever the roads might bring your way.