Washing Up Gloves

Whether you’re doing the dishes at home or you need them for work, our washing up gloves will help to keep your hands protected when cleaning. Ideal for an array of cleaning tasks, our gloves are a must have for every kitchen or home. 

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Showing all 4 results

Are you a professional cleaner, or do you just love to keep your own home looking and feeling fresh and tidy? If so, washing up gloves are ideal for protecting your hands whilst you work. Whether you’re washing the dishes from dinner or polishing surfaces, many cleaning tasks can involve a variety of products and chemicals that can be irritating to the skin on your hands. By wearing a quality pair of gloves whilst you clean, you can protect your skin, without sacrificing flexibility and comfort. 

We understand that many people struggle with latex allergies, which is why we offer latex-free washing up gloves that won’t cause any negative reactions. Our latex free gloves are made with nitrile, which is a material used to help prevent punctures, cuts and tears, as well as providing excellent grip. When wearing our gloves, your hands will be protected against sharp objects such as knives or broken glass that can be hazards when washing up. 

Our washing up gloves come in a range of different sizes to suit everyone. We have extra-large washing up gloves, small gloves, large, and medium. We also have options with extra long wrists to help protect the skin on your forearms as well as your hands whilst you clean.