Water Resistant Gloves

Protect your workers from the elements with our range of water resistant gloves. Ideal for working outdoors in wet conditions, water-resistant work gloves will keep hands warm, comfortable and dry whilst you work.

Showing all 16 results

Showing all 16 results

Our water resistant gloves are a must-have for jobs that require being outdoors in cold and wet weather conditions such as rain and snow. Fleeced lining helps keep hands warm and comfortable when at work, whilst latex coating aids grip and durability. Our variety of water-resistant work gloves include features such as cut and tear resistance, protecting against abrasions and punctures.

Not only are water-resistant work gloves fantastic for outdoor tasks, but jobs that involve industrial refrigerators and freezers too. Thermal protection will keep your workers hands warm in conditions, whilst water repellent technology ensures that they stay dry. Our longer length water resistant gloves are ideal for cleaning, whether at work or around the house, as they keep your forearms dry and protected against splashes of water or other liquids.

Our more heavyweight water resistant gloves are designed to assist with grip in wet conditions, with patterned palms, as well as keep hands dry and protected – perfect for industrial cleaning work.

Whether you or your employees work in the cleaning industry, medical field, food industry, or outdoors, water resistant gloves are a must-have PPE item for your business. We have a wonderful selection to suit an array of jobs and industries, helping to keep your employees safe and comfortable when at work. Browse our range of colours, fits and designs.