Work Softshell Jackets

Our selection of work softshell jackets are ideal for numerous different jobs and industries. Perfect for a layer of added protection without the heaviness of a larger coat, softshell jackets for work are a must-have for if you’re looking for outdoor wear for yourself or your business.

Showing 1–16 of 120 results

Showing 1–16 of 120 results

Our softshell work jackets are water-resistant, making them perfect for jobs where you are required to work outside in different weather conditions such as construction, landscaping, and more. Thanks to their flexibility, being a more lightweight solution than other outwear options, they make the perfect attire for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing or other outdoor sports.

Softshell jackets for work are a great option for those who are required to be outdoors to carry out their day to day jobs. With windproof properties, they help to retain warmth, whilst still being breathable to prevent overheating, and allowing range of movement. They can be used as an additional layer with other items of clothing during colder weather conditions, or as a lightweight jacket for chilly days where rain is a possibility.

We have a range of work softshell jackets in different styles – detachable hoods for that extra bit of protection from the rain, pockets located in different areas of the jacket, drawstrings to aid fit, and adjustable cuffs.

These jackets are a fantastic choice of workwear for businesses who want to prioritise the comfort of their employees at work throughout all seasons of the year. We have a variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from.