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Easy DIY Jobs To Transform Your Home

One of the best parts of having your own home, is the opportunity to inject some personality into it and truly make it your own. You don’t need to worry about consulting a landlord before making changes, if you wake up one morning with an idea in your head, you can follow it through and completely have transformed your home by the evening. However, sometimes inspiration doesn’t always come that easily! If you’re struggling for inspiration but really want to transform the look of your home, then we’ve got some easy DIY ideas that literally anyone could to!

So get your notepad and pen and let’s get your creative, interior design juices flowing!

1. Create a gallery wall

If you’re looking to add some excitement to a room, particularly if you have a large, bare wall, then why not consider creating a gallery wall? These have become increasingly popular for renters and home owners alike, as it can be a quick and effective way to really transform a space, with very little permanent change/damage done. The great thing about a gallery wall too, is that you can change up the pictures as often as you like – so it’s quite an inexpensive way to update your home with the seasons or whenever you feel like it! We recommend planning out your gallery wall beforehand, decide on each of the pictures and the layout, as getting the right balance can take a bit of swapping and changing around.

2. Put up some shelving

Who doesn’t love the idea of extra storage? Putting up some basic floating style shelves can really add interest to an otherwise empty wall, whilst also creating plenty of space for you to store your things. Whether that’s books, your pots & pans, or anything else you might need to find space for. The great thing about building your own shelving, is that you can customise it exactly to your space. You can even paint the shelves, so that they blend in with your wall and look as if they’ve always been there.

3. Transform your shower door

Another home DIY that has recently become very popular, is transforming your shower door using – believe it or not – electrical tape! This can create a cool, industrial crittal door look, while costing you just a couple of pounds to recreate. So long as you use a spirit level to ensure you’re sticking your tape down as straight as possible, then you really can’t go wrong with this quick and easy DIY project. You’ll be surprised at how much it can transform your bathroom too!


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4. Paint a ceiling

If you’re ready to make a real statement in your home, then why not consider painting a ceiling? Hear us out on this one, you might think it’s a bit of a strange concept, but it’s a playful way to really add impact to a room. It works particularly great in bedrooms, especially kids rooms where you want to add a bit of of fun and colour.


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5. Panel a wall

Whether you’re in a new build house, or an older property with plenty of rustic appeal, panelling a wall or an entire room can really add character and interest. It’s an easy way to make a room feel more homely and is a timeless design which never really goes out of style. It can be a little bit fiddly getting to grips with panelling, but once you’ve got into the swing of things it really isn’t too tricky. You can even get your wooden beams pre-cut at your local DIY hardware store to make your life a lot easier. You’ll then simply need to adhere them to the wall, caulk them to fill any gaps and finally coat the entire wall and panelling in paint.

6. Paint a feature wall

Another way to jazz up a plain wall is to paint an interesting design on it. You can create some amazing patterns or shapes using Frogtape, which will help you paint on an incredibly straight and sharp line without any trouble at all. Simply peel away the tape when the paint is dry, and you’ll be left with your new feature wall. Take a look on Instagram and Pinterest where you’ll find hundreds of ideas for inspiration.


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7. Change cupboard handles

If you’re looking to take on a slightly simpler project to get you inspired and start your DIY journey off on the right foot, then we’d suggest this as the perfect place to start. Whether you decide to switch up something bigger like your kitchen cupboard handles, or make a smaller impact by switching up handles on your wardrobe or a chest of drawers. This simple task can literally take minutes to do, but you’ll be surprised to see how much it can change up a room or a piece of furniture.


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8. Give old furniture a new life

By TidyChoice

The easiest way to give a whole new look to your home is to restore old furniture to its pride of place. Rather than replacing old stained furniture classics with bland new ones, you can bring them back to life. If you want to add a new lease of life to your classical furniture, then why not try one of the following.

Remove stains from soft furnishings, such as sofas, using baking soda. Simple sprinkle it onto the stain, let it sit for 15 minutes and then use a toothbrush to scrub the powder.

Want to remove scratches from wooden furniture? Try instant coffee! First mix equal parts coffee granules and water, then rub the paste into the scratch. Leave to dry then wipe with a soft cloth.

Lastly, to revive the lustre of leather furniture all you need is coconut oil! After rubbing the leather with a soft cloth dampened with coconut oil, leave it to dry for 10 minutes. Next, buff off the excess with a dry, clean cloth – and you’re good to go!


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Happy DIY-ing!  And don’t forget to stay safe when working on any project around your home. It’s important to always wear the appropriate PPE when working on a project with high risks or hazards. If you’re wondering what PPE you should be wearing when carrying out DIY, then take a read of our helpful blog post here.

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