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5 Ways To Prevent Accidents On Construction Sites

A construction site is a high-risk environment, and unfortunately, accidents do happen. With that said, there are precautions that you can take and procedures that you can implement that reduce the risk element and make your construction site a safer working environment. Here, we’ve shared 5 of the best ways to prevent construction accidents and […]

Are Nitrile Gloves Food Safe?

Working in the food industry, you’ll know how important the prevention of cross-contamination is. Maintaining a clean, hygienic workspace at all times is crucial not only for the health of your customers but also for the health of your business. To run a successful food business, fully understanding the thorough health and safety obligations and […]

The Ultimate Guide to: The Best Gloves for Carpentry

As a carpenter, your most valuable tool is your hands. So choosing the perfect pair of gloves to wear while you work is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Working with your hands all day can really take its toll on the delicate and intricate tendons and small bones that make up your hands. […]

Printing & Embroidery Services

We now offer printing and embroidery services across most of our workwear range.

The perfect way to brand your uniform for your business, club or society. Whether you’re a sole trader wanting to turn your workwear into a walking advert, or you’re an SME owner creating a uniform for your employees, we can help.

What Are The Best Work Boots? (2022 Guide)

Finding the perfect pair of work boots is no mean feat. Whether you’re looking for a pair to keep your feet dry when you’re working in damp conditions, to allow your feet to breathe when you’re busy on your feet, looking for protection from hazardous conditions or machinery, or perhaps you’re looking for a pair […]

What Are The Best Outdoor Work Gloves?

When you work outside all year round, unfortunately, it tends to be your hands that really take the brunt of your hard work. Not only might they suffer from the strains and injuries that the demand for physical labour can have on your body, but there are also the elements to contend with! From icy […]

What Colour Hi-Vis Should I Wear?

Whether you’re buying hi-vis to keep you safe while you work, or to make you more visible when running, horse-riding or even hiking, there’s one question that even the most regular wearers of high visibility aren’t quite sure on. And that’s ‘what colour hi-vis should I wear?‘ As experts in safety wear, we’ve been asked […]


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The Best Home Defibrillators | Your Guide to Home AEDs

Whether you’re just looking for peace of mind for yourself and your family, or perhaps you have a loved one with a serious heart condition, finding and investing in the best home defibrillator can be a genuinely life-changing decision. You’re quite literally increasing the chance of being able to save someone’s life should they suffer […]

How To Get Organised for 2022

With the New Year comes the pressure to feel ready for a new start, and to transform into a new, improved version of yourself in every single aspect of your life. Whilst this can be quite an overwhelming way to look at the New Year, there’s one thing we can’t help but agree on. The […]