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What is The Best Hi Vis Colour in The Workplace?

When it comes to purchasing quality hi vis workwear, there can be a lot to think about. But one of the questions that our customers ask us time and time again is what is the best hi vis colour?

There are a few things to understand and take into consideration when deciding which colour to choose, so let’s take a look.

What is the official guidance?

Health and safety experts agree and advise that only yellow and orange hi vis clothing provides adequate visibility within a working environment. Other colours, such as pink, blue or red are deemed as suitable solely for recreational use.

Where will your hi vis be worn?

It goes without saying that the main aim of hi vis is to be seen – in the industry we refer to this as being conspicuous. Therefore, when considering which colour hi vis to choose for your workplace, first have a think about the setting you’ll be working in. Green might be a great option when you’re working in a grey urban setting, but if you’re out in the countryside it might not be quite as noticeable. The aim is to create as much contrast as possible.

Are there any studies on which colour is most noticeable?

There are scientific studies which show that yellow is the most visible colour to the human brain out of all colours, due to the level of contrast it creates. But again, this is completely dependent upon the setting, for example an orange hi vis will have the most contrast against a bright blue sky.

Do the different colours have different meanings?

In particular sectors there can be preferences for what is deemed is the best industry-specific colour. Throughout the UK railway network, for instance, only orange hi vis is deemed to provide adequate visibility railside. 

Anything else I need to consider?

Once you’ve decided which colour hi vis best suits your requirements, we recommend ensuring that your hi vis clothing comes equipped with plenty of reflective tape detail – this is essential to ensure safety when working in darker conditions.

Whichever colour you decide upon, we recommend regularly cleaning your hi vis workwear to ensure the garments maintain maximum brightness and contrast to keep you safe at work.

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