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When Should You Wear Disposable Shoe Covers?

When it comes to workplace safety, PPE is largely determined by the environment in which you’ll be working. Disposable shoe covers are no exception to this. They are an essential piece of PPE in controlling cross-contamination. Not only is this essential when it comes to controlling germs and bacteria, but it can also be important aesthetically.

Plastic disposable shoe covers are incredibly popular in a variety of industries due to their versatility. But let’s take a look at some of the most popular situations in which you should wear disposable overshoes.

  1. Disposable Shoe Covers for Rain
    Due to the nature of shoe covers, and their waterproof plastic design, some opt to wear them to protect their shoes from the outside elements, particularly rain. If this is the main reason you’re considering shoe covers, we’d recommend purchasing covers which feature rubber-bottom grips. These will prevent you from slipping over in wet conditions.
  2. Disposable Shoe Covers for Carpet
    Another common use for disposable overshoes is to protect newly laid, recently cleaned or pale coloured carpets. Whether you’re carrying out DIY at home, or you’re working in someone else’s home, it’s a good idea to wear shoe covers. Not only will they prevent any dirt or stains on carpets, but they’ll also prevent cross contamination, bringing germs from the outside in.
  3. Disposable Shoe Covers for Contractors
    If you’re a contractor, disposable overshoes are an essential. If you want to keep your clients happy, then wearing shoe covers around their house will go a long way in earning their gratitude. They’re also much quicker and easy to take on and off than your work boots. If you find yourself making frequent trips out to your van for tools then they really are a must have.
  4. Disposable Shoe Covers for Hospitals
    When working in a sterile environment such as a hospital, the control of germs and bacteria is paramount. Whilst in general departments, nurses and doctors won’t require be required to wear disposable overshoes, they do become essential in theatre during surgery. This is a prime example of a setting which is completely sterile and where the control of cross contamination by wearing overshoes is essential.
  5. Disposable Shoe Covers for Estate Agents
    Whether you’re an sales agent working on a new build site, or you’re visiting a home of a client looking to sell, disposable shoe covers are a great idea to protect the flooring of the home you’re visiting. It can also be handy to carry spares for prospective buyers looking round homes. This will go down incredibly well with the home owners.

These are some of the most common environments where disposable overshoes tend to be used. But our list certainly isn’t extensive! There are plenty of other scenarios where they can come in handy. If you’re still trying to decide whether they suit your needs or not, let’s recap the main benefits of shoe covers.

  • Efficient
    They couldn’t be quicker to put on and take off! Unlike safety shoes which often require laces, plastic shoe covers are elasticated so will slip on and off in seconds. Their elasticated nature also means they fit a wider variety of shoe sizes.
  • Durable
    Although they are designed for one-wear use due to their disposable nature, they are surprisingly durable and will provide adequate protection against liquids and particles, including dirt and bacteria.
  • Sterile
    If you’re working in an environment which dictates the highest standards of sterility, then you can rest assured that disposable shoe covers will meet these standards.
  • Non-slip
    Rubber grip overshoes are designed to be non-slip and reduce the risk of slips. So whatever surface you find yourself wearing these on, rest assured that you’ll feel secure and safe.
  • Improves customer relations
    If you’re looking to keep your clients happy, then taking an extra step to help keep their home tidy and clean will go a long way! Shoe covers may seem like a small step to take in making your customers happy, but don’t underestimate the positive effect they can have.

Remember to check the regulations for your workplace environment when deciding whether shoe covers are necessary. Employers should offer them out if they are deemed essential for safety reasons. However, you could also purchase your own if you feel they would be beneficial in your role.

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