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Are Nitrile Gloves Food Safe?

Working in the food industry, you’ll know how important the prevention of cross-contamination is. Maintaining a clean, hygienic workspace at all times is crucial not only for the health of your customers but also for the health of your business. To run a successful food business, fully understanding the thorough health and safety obligations and best practices is crucial.

To safely handle food, disposable gloves are a simple and effective way to protect food from contact with your hands, which no matter how well they’ve been washed, still have the potential to carry bacteria. So you’re already in the market for a box of disposable gloves, but you can’t decide which are best suited for the task at hand? You have a few options available to you, but you might be wondering – are nitrile gloves food safe?

Are nitrile gloves food safe?

We’re pleased to say – yes they are! Nitrile is an incredibly safe fabric, formed from a combination of polymers to create a synthetic rubber-like material. Unlike its latex counterparts, nitrile is a material which is incredibly safe and gentle for the skin (it’s actually highly unusual – almost impossible! – to be allergic or have a sensitivity to nitrile). Making it an ideal option for longer-term wear, for instance in the kitchen or any similar food-prep area. Nitrile gloves are actually one of the best options to choose when looking for gloves for food handling.

Which nitrile gloves should I choose?

It’s always essential to ensure that your gloves have been tested to European Standard EN1186 – gloves that conform to this safety standard are identified as being food safe. We also recommend choosing either a black or blue coloured pair of nitrile gloves – no, this isn’t just our personal colour preference! This ensures that if you were to accidentally slice through your gloves you’re more likely to notice a) your skin showing through and b) if any small remains of the glove have been accidentally transferred into the food.

Are disposable nitrile gloves cut-resistant?

Whilst nitrile gloves are incredibly robust and hard-wearing, especially when compared to their vinyl & latex counterparts, they’re unfortunately not cut-resistant. They are classed as ‘puncture resistant’ and can offer a level of protection against minor punctures, but if you’re looking for true cut-resistant gloves for food preparation, then we would recommend purchasing a pair of cut-resistant gloves and then layering a disposable nitrile glove over the top. Just remember to size up if you choose to do this, to allow for the second glove to fit comfortably.

What nitrile gloves would you recommend for use in the kitchen?

At Pronto Direct we have a great range of food preparation gloves which can be found here. You’ll discover a wide range of nitrile and vinyl gloves, ideal for helping you keep your kitchen a more hygienic and safer place to prepare food.

We hope you’ve found our feedback on nitrile gloves for food preparation useful. If you’d like to take a closer look at nitrile vs. latex gloves, or the best gloves for sensitive skin, then head over to our blog where you can find this amongst other useful info to help you become a more informed shopper.

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