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What are the best Police boots?

Working in the force, or in any patrol role, can really take its toll on your feet. If you’re been on the job long enough, you’ll completely understand why investing in a comfortable pair of boots is so essential, but you’ll also want to find footwear that is protective and that conforms to regulations set out by your employer.

Are you currently on the hunt for the best police boots?

It can all seem a bit of a minefield, especially if you’re starting a new career in the Police force or even as a security guard. If you’re unsure of exactly what you should be looking for in your first or next pair of police boots, then we’ve got a helpful checklist of what you should prioritise. Are you ready to take notes?

  1. Protection
    Potentially the most important aspect when buying footwear for duty is protection. You’ll want to purchase a pair of boots that are made from a durable material, which will keep your feet protected in any high-risk environments you might find yourself in. But protection doesn’t stop at just keeping your feet safe from harm or injury, it extends to keeping your feet safe and warm from extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, as well as snow and ice. Furthermore, you’ll also want a pair of boots which protect you from slips and trips.
    So when you’re about to buy your next pair of police boots, we’d suggest footwear made from a resistant & durable material, designed with a protective midsole, as well as a sole that provides you with great traction and plenty of grip on any surface.
  2. Support
    Essential for anyone spending lots of time on their feet, whether you work in the police force, as a security guard, or maybe a prison officer, good support can make all the difference in the long term. Not only will it aid your comfort on a day to day basis, but over longer periods of time, a well-supportive pair of boots can actually improve your posture and prevent injuries in your feet, legs and back. As you can see, good support really is incredibly important.
  3. Comfort
    After expressing how essential protection and support both are, comfort may seem a slightly superficial concern, but don’t underestimate the power of a comfortable pair of boots! Not only will you feel happier standing all day long when you’re in comfortable footwear, but you’ll also be able to walk/run faster and in turn be more productive in your job role. We would highly recommend finding footwear that fits comfortably, doesn’t pinch or feel tight around any part of your foot, supports your ankles and is breathable – so that your feet don’t overheat too easily. They really aren’t joking when they say that comfort is key!
  4. Appearance
    Finding a pair of boots that fit your uniform criteria is essential. Police or patrol boots need to still look smart, whilst functioning and performing similarly to a traditional work boot. Black boots are dictated in most uniform guidelines, usually recommended to be ankle boots with a lace fastening to offer proper support.

Feel like this is a lot to ask for?

Now you know exactly what to look for when hunting for the perfect pair of patrol boots. But you might feel that it’s impossible to find one pair which will provide you with all of these benefits! Luckily for you, we think we’ve found the best of the best Police boots.

Introducing BlackRock’s Tactical Commander boot. Let’s see which of our boxes it ticks, shall we?











  • Protection?
    These boots are designed with a protective, non-metallic midsole, which will keep you safe from any potential sharp hazards without feeling heavy or clunky when worn. The sole conforms to HSL Level 4 Grip – providing you with a more than substantial amount of grip, for whatever surfaces you find yourself walking on. Designed in a waterproof leather upper, these patrol boots will keep your feet dry and warm, whatever the weather.
  • Support?
    Blackrock have designed their Tactical Commander boots to feature a padded insole. Their ‘Eazistep’ insole is made from a lightweight material, designed to provide you with comfort all day long, whilst also relieving tension throughout your feet particularly in the spots you often feel it most – the ball and heel of your foot. This will help you keep great posture when standing on your feet all day, taking the strain out of your lower back.
  • Comfort?
    Whilst still offering an incredible amount of protection, these boots are also designed to be lightweight. Featuring non-metallic safety features, as well as a padded and breathable insole, you’ll feel comfortable all day long in these boots.
  • Appearance?
    Well, we’ll let you decide that one for yourself, but personally, we think these boots offer a sleek, timeless design. Smart enough to wear when you’re visiting the station, but with all the safety features you’d expect from a more chunky work boot. They’re designed to fit uniform guidelines for most roles and workplaces.

Tempted to give them a try? BlackRock Tactical Commander boots provide a great alternative option to the popular Magnum Uniform Boot, which you may have tried previously or heard of from your colleagues. But as you can see from the vast amount of benefits they offer, they’re actually a superior boot at a much more affordable price point.

Want to find out more? Discover more about the BlackRock Tactical Commander boot here. Available from just £79.99, we think you’ll agree that it’s the best of the best when it comes to Police boots.

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