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What Are The Best Work Boots? (2022 Guide)

Finding the perfect pair of work boots is no mean feat. Whether you’re looking for a pair to keep your feet dry when you’re working in damp conditions, to allow your feet to breathe when you’re busy on your feet, looking for protection from hazardous conditions or machinery, or perhaps you’re looking for a pair which will do all three? We don’t want to alarm you, but we think we may have found the best work boots in the UK. Here’s your ultimate 2022 guide to work boots.

Deciding on the right pair of work boots for you can take a hell of a lot of research and reading online reviews. Feeling comfortable while you work is incredibly important, which is why it’s a task you shouldn’t take lightly. It’s a proven fact that comfortable workers are happy workers, and unsurprisingly happy workers are more productive. Which is exactly why work boots truly are an investment.

Now bear with us on this one, but we don’t believe that one perfect pair of work boots exists. Because exactly what makes work boots ‘perfect’ is different for every worker. So to help guide you in the right direction, we’ve helpfully categorised our guide to the best work boots UK below. You’ll know better than anyone, what’s most important to you when it comes to footwear. Are you solely focused on finding comfort? Or is protection top of your list? You’ll find both of these and so much more in our helpful list below. Without further ado, let’s take a look!


Best waterproof work boots:

If you’re looking for a pair of work boots which aren’t just water-resistant but will completely waterproof your feet, then look no further than the Herock Brabus. These safety boots are complete with all the protection of an S3 safety boot, including midsole, composite toe cap, an antistatic, oil-resistant sole and more. But they’re also completely waterproof! Did we mention they look pretty stylish too? What are you waiting for, check them out here for £80.49.

Best protective work boots:

When looking for protection, we’d recommend first reading our detailed guide here. But if you’re already not familiar, then it’s important to understand that safety boots are ranked by a specific code. You may see ‘S1’ ‘S1P’ ‘S2’ or ‘S3’ in the description of work boots. These codes specifically detail how much protection you can expect from a boot. S3 is one of the highest codes you can get in a boot – which is why we’ve chosen these Herock Constructor S3 Safety boots are our best work boots for protection. With a protective toe cap, fully enclosed heel, anti-static sole, water-resistant upper and an anti-perforation sole – what more could you ask for? Get yours today: here for £49.99.

Best lightweight work boots:

Finding lightweight boots which offer a great amount of protection can be a challenge. But it’s a challenge we’ve gladly accepted! These Herock Primus S3 Safety boots offer a huge amount of protection – conforming to the S3 safety standards – but without any compromise on comfort. Designed to be completely non-metallic, the composite components help make these work boots comfortable and lightweight all day long. Invest in comfort today: here for £34.99

Best affordable work boots:

If you’re looking for a more affordable investment, whether you’re buying your first pair of work boots, or just don’t use them often enough to warrant a huge price tag, then we’ve found a great option for you. The Supertouch S1P Day Plus Lite Safety boot, a stylish choice, these boots are equipped with a great number of safety features which will keep you safe while you work. Combining comfort and versatility with safety, they feature a composite toe cap and midsole, as well as an anti-slip sole. Get yours: here for just £21.40 now.

Best work boots for lots of walking:

Does an average working day for you include racking up a huge amount of steps? Then you’ll want a comfortable, lightweight boot with plenty of support but which is also breathable. Sounds like a lot to ask for, but the Blackrock Trooper Safety Hiker Boot does all of that – and more. With a waterproof leather upper, these boots are designed with a padded but breathable insole providing you with a comfy, supportive base all day long. With a handy side zip fastening, taking these boots off at the end of a long day will never be hard work. Get yours today: here for £69.95.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best work boots UK 2022, and found our recommendations useful. If you’re new to Pronto Direct, did you know you’re eligible for our 5% discount? Benefit from free delivery on all orders over £50, same day dispatch when you order with us before 4pm and hassle-free returns whenever you shop with us.

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