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What Are The Best Outdoor Work Gloves?

When you work outside all year round, unfortunately, it tends to be your hands that really take the brunt of your hard work. Not only might they suffer from the strains and injuries that the demand for physical labour can have on your body, but there are also the elements to contend with! From icy cold Winters leaving your skin feeling dry & tight to ferocious winds which can cause chapped skin, and then of course the intense heat of the Summer sun. It’s easy to underestimate how much your hands go through on a daily basis!

This is why it’s incredibly important to find the best outdoor work gloves to protect your hands. After all, your hands are your number one work tool – so it’s crucial not to neglect them!

If you’re on the hunt for a pair of work gloves to keep your hands covered while you work, then you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve compiled a useful guide to the best outdoor work gloves.

To keep things simple and as useful as possible, we’ve categorised gloves into categories depending on your needs, to help you find your perfect pair.


Best outdoor work gloves for warmth

If you’re looking for a way to protect your hands in those bitterly cold, Winter conditions, then you’ll want to invest in a pair of winter work thermal gloves. Traditionally designed with a cosy fleece lining, these insulated gloves will protect you from even the coldest temperatures. If you’re looking for the ultimate thermal gloves, we’d recommend these Glovezilla Thermal Leather Drivers Gloves. Made from a premium cowhide split leather, featuring a microfleece lining with technologically advanced insulation, these will be certain to keep you warm. They’re also designed to resist cuts, tears, punctures and abrasion. Leaving your hands unharmed, warm and dry. These gloves really can do it all!

Best outdoor work gloves for protection

Do you work in a high-risk environment? Then you’ll need a pair of outdoor work gloves which are up for the job. We’d recommend opting for drivers gloves – also known as rigger gloves, these are designed to be worn in the most robust working conditions. Their leather outer provides plenty of protection for your hands, and their snug fleece lining will keep your hands warm and protected from cold winter conditions.

Best outdoor work gloves for grip

Whether you’re working with heavy tools or small fiddly components, if you’re looking for outdoor gloves with good grip, then look no further than coated gloves. Designed with a coated palm, these gloves provide incredible grip – ideal for cold, damp conditions where tools can often slip from your hands. Manufactured from a knitted design, these gloves will keep your hands warm but protected with a breathable fabric. We’d recommend these Supertouch nitrile coated gloves. Affordable, durable and even washable, these handling gloves will protect you from abrasion while providing you with a great amount of grip while you work.

Best all-round outdoor work gloves

If you’re hoping to find a glove that is a bit of an all-rounder, then look no further than these Supertouch thermal work gloves. Incredibly affordable, without compromising on safety, these gloves are designed with a coated palm to give you an enhanced grip whilst you work. They’re fleece-lined, so are ideal for cold outdoor conditions but lightweight enough not to restrict your hand movement or dexterity. They’re even abrasion, puncture and cut resistant! So, what are you waiting for?

At Pronto Direct we stock a wide range of outdoor work gloves, used across a wide range of industries. Whether you work as a mechanic, in a warehouse, on a construction site, or in a workshop, we guarantee you’ll find a pair of gloves to suit your needs at work. Shop our work gloves here.

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